Monday, November 26, 2007

I Was Hounded Into It

Otherwise I wouldn't have done this. Blogs are so all-about-me and rarely read. Everyone and her fuzzy pink slippers has one and if you think anyone reads these things, you're fresh-arrived on the planet. With that, I'll probably cave in and defy my inner disdain for this electronic toilet-stall graffiti system and, on occasion, author a bit of interesting prose. That will be purely by accident, I can assure you. I have too much going on with my studies and work to assemble a screed or sermon or whatever your flavor of choice may be. I'm at least heartened by the fact that blogs are ineligible for a Pulitzer or any other honor of note.
Don't go looking for comments here on the columns or the forthcoming book or anything you... oh, crudsy. I don't like this already. Quit twisting my arm.
Okay, what do you want to hear that isn't already said by herds of others, and with more entertaining gusto? Oops... that's right. You don't have my email. Hmmm. Just drop me a line at The Ticker Online, and no spam, or you will be hunted down and throttled.