Monday, May 19, 2008

The Yankees Have Cooties

Even their fans are agreeing. And why their fans have any qualm about their HOF-to-be third baseman is beyond my understanding. How about being actual fans, through thick and especially thin?
Guess what. There is a bunch of them. The Bleacher Creatures. They support their boys. They know what it takes to get onto that field in a striped uni and take the flame from the disloyal, the fashion-slaves, and the Yankee gangstas. They express their love and respect and support, not because it's worn as gang colors or as a weapon; it's because it's their version of a Mom tattoo. Every team needs more fans like them. They earn respect from fans of other teams with similar supportive attitudes. Can I sit amidst Red Sox Nation and say "bless them"? I knew you'd understand.