Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Blogged Down

A few notes about this blog, for all my readers:

The reply setting has been disabled. If you have comments of the intelligent and grammatically-functional type, email me at the Ticker. To me, comments here are just babble, and I won't reply. Email me and I might respond. A personal one-on-one dialogue! Imagine!

I'm not providing a photo because I disenjoy most things that smack of vanity. If I thirsted for vanity I'd get a TV commentary gig. Trust me; I can come across while using a teleprompter as well as the next talking head. I know I may be missing bucks, but that goes in the Oh, Well box.

My job at the paper and my schooling comes first. It's tough enough wedging my skull spillage into the slot that is a blank chunk of newsprint, then facing the freeedom of unlimited screen space online. Or tackling crunchy text and tring to figure out how to filter it through my head and spit out a gemstone. The mental shift gives me the wobblies. Sure I could wax on and let my editor trim to size in print but I don't consider myself a writer; I consider myself a rewriter. As every writer should. It's a duty and a requisite. Care to know how many drafts Hemingway would peck out with a typewriter? The triumph reveals itself the more the prose is reworked.

I don't apply my best standards and practices to a blog. After all, it's only a blog. I try to say something of worth each time, but I have to consider it a sideline.

Election Message From Nipsey Russell

The election is over
The result is known.
The will of the people
Is clearly shown.
Let's forget our differences
And show by our deeds.
We'll give our president
All the help he needs.
So let's all get together
And let bitterness pass.
I'll hug your elephant
And you'll kiss my donkey.