Monday, March 8, 2010

Digit Allies

No, I'm not on Facebook or Twitter, and from what I've seen of them, they're hideous.

If you didn't think that all of America is gushing "all about me" all over the internet, then you haven't seen any of this. MySpace is the fattest perpetrator, and though it's dying, the other two creatures have apparently picked up the slack. Maybe because the vanity isn't so blatant. ("Coffee maker set to Narcissus".)

I'm talking personal use, here.

I'm not so vain as to to imagine that others would want to hear from me through these two systems. So I save the world in my own tiny way, through the magic of fleeing in the opposite direction.


If I felt I had something genuine worthy to pass along, I'd surely do so. That's what my column is for, for the most part.

But if I had some business angle, or something going on that the crowd would like to get involved with, or something large in my life not appropriate for constant babble in the paper or here, then I'd jump in with three feet, if possible. I do see the worth in that case.

I'm wrestling with the concept of an historical novel about Col. Ebenezer Munroe, who allegedly fired the "shot heard 'round the world". Maybe I can write it so it would be the kind of bodice ripper guys would like? Two different covers; the standard one for girls, and a fire-spitting flintlock on the guy covers.

If I got that going, then, yeah, I'd be a Twit on Facebook, or whatever the process is called.

Until then, you'll have to suffice with the occasional note here, and my columns in the Ticker.

Unless, of course, the call for more involved contact was accompanied by cash. Then I'd jump.

I've never been accused of idiocy.

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