Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Asfault Jungle

Excerpted from The Ticker Online, copyright 2008, The Ticker News Publications, Inc.

In an effort to keep the trickle of tourist dollars home, the authorities of the Northeastern U.S. have decided to bring vacation hotspots to the homeys. The citizenry doesn't have the coins for gas, and what few bucks remain can stay right here, thank you. Their first effort at bringing vacation to your neighborhood is in the form of little Grand Canyons, scattered at random amid our paved thoroughfares. To avoid any marketing infringement, they renamed these little versions "potholes". Take the wheel and it won't be long before you come upon one like a leftover Easter egg. Skirting the rim to admire the view is a must; stopping at the rim to gaze upon the panoramic sweep of the natural hole in the Earth isn't always an option.

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