Sunday, March 23, 2008

Mistake? Nonesense.

I can spell, thank you. I do well myself and sometimes reference an online dictionary just so it won't get lonely.
Readers new to the room notice I'll drop in a word they've not seen before. Sort of a dual-purpose word, not exactly like a Sniglet. Look that up if you need to, then come back.
I discovered long ago that there are words easily assembled that are not in the dictionary, but should be. There's where the Sniglets and I part.
I like words that are twists on old ones, or combinations of two words that get one's attention just for a moment, not long enough to break the rhythm, but immediately obvious in their meaning in context.
I've gotten some fame for this, and modesty demands that I state that it flows easy and natural and I reject some that cross my mind for lack of utter obviousness. I have my standards.
A few examples:
When the rains come hard and noisy, I raise a thunderbrella.
That colorful insect flitting through the tulips must be a flutterby.
A speaker who bores the audience and does not address their desires is an ignorator.
I hit my first-ever New England frost heave and nearly found myself behind the wheel of a Honda Pileup.
I miss my original home and family there; I can't get enough Flagstuff.

I don't own a patent on this concept, so feel free to make up your own if it'll help you communicate all the better. After all, others before us got us where we are that very way.

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