Saturday, March 8, 2008

Smooth As Butter: It's Celts Parquet

I never got lit up by basketball, maybe because no one in the family expressed the depth and beauty of the game.
Boston's sterling basketball history is now in the present, judging by the long-term fans.
I watched a game I accidentally saw while channel surfing.
Eye-popping jaw-dropping net-snapping thunder-ball.
I was enthralled.
That stunning game-play of theirs has to translate to the record they have, and maybe more. They have a real shot at winning the last game played this season.
Those who can appreciate a game can become a fan of a team in a blink, if such team plays it right, with imagination, with smarts, and an ear-to-ear grin.
I'm forcing words. Sorry.
I'm just trying to say that I've fallen for these guys. The long-timers tell me this is the way the Celtics played many times over many years until they fell upon tough times. It must have been a show to make your heart leap, game after impressive game.
This is the best reason for a fan to hope for a championship: When your local boys play so wonderfully, you feel they deserve the biggest reward for their exquisite effort.
I'm not a bandwagon fan. I just didn't know a thing about this team's mystique and legend. I discovered them quite on my own.
Unlike other teams in other sports, their fans wear the colors not because they're fans of winning; they're fans of the boys and the entertainment value they see right now, not the trophy they may see in the future.
I'm thrilled I can see what the buzz was--and is--all about.
Go Celtics.
Now I just have to learn to recognize a pick-and-roll.

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