Friday, December 21, 2007

Book 'em

Dave's on the prowl for a literary agent for a book we're banging on. Although my name has to be off the cover, we're an ideal kind of team. Each of us has our own strengths, we're both eager to do better, and we're open-minded enough to suggest and take advice. We're making each other better, and that's the core of teamwork.


He's the published author but he got his book out sans agent. So he doesn't work that route from experience. He was ready to shotgun queries but I suggested we send one at a time.
"Why? Wouldn't blowing out a bunch save time?"
"Consider this. We'll likely get rejections but we may not be able to discern why the query was rejected. You can't take a rejection as the genuine word. They're form rejections."
"What if we get a bite?"
"Maybe we wouldn't know the why of that one, either. Stephen King outright sold his first book, splitting the proceeds 50-50 with the agent."
"Maybe we wouldn't want that kind of bite."
The two of us putting our heads together and discussing how to continually improve single queries is slow and frustrating for one of us, but there is no other way to make our first impression the very best possible... and a real grabber that is the best for author, ghost-advisor, and agent.
At least I think.
Dave moved his book in an unconventional and low-percentage fashion... not the route anyone suggests.
So, you never know with absolute certainty that your attack is the right course, or even the only one possible.
We're doing something, however. Doing nothing always fails.

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