Monday, December 10, 2007

The Novel Has Worn Off Already

Three posts today. Enjoy the feast while you can.

Dave just sent off another query, after five other rejections. He says each one is a learning experience that should make the next query even better.

First, I really don't want to die a genius.

Second, this advice is coming from a guy who somehow managed to get published just fine without an agent. So he's claiming to be the go-to guy on this kind of advice. Actually, we're discussing every move before we make it, and once we get an agent, we don't have to go through a shopping spree with little on the credit card.

We decided long ago to call this a novel because nobody would believe the real story. Also, we had to cut a number of bumps because book readers enjoy a smooth roller-coaster. And we're tiring of it already.

However, I do thoroughly enjoy all the process, and that is what propels me. I don't know what motivates Dave.

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