Friday, December 28, 2007

Flip Flop Season

How cold? How much snow? Are you an idiot?
Not exactly. This is preseason for another presidential running with the bull.
To me, there is a difference between changing one's viewpoint of a particular subject in order to garner more votes (call it "saying anything to get elected") and switching sides on an issue because one grew up and saw the light, once new information came in. We've all done that, and there is enough examining of each candidate right down to individual corpuscles so sharp voters can see the difference. A help on this is to see what a candidate has done, not what they may say. We've got enough lip-flappers, and we're fortunate to wind up with only one when the chads are done hanging.
I don't know how many of us ever see any candidate who is Rushmore material this early on, but I think most people can support someone who maybe is waffling a little or on the wrong side, but is capable of and ready to grow into a unique and humbling and powerful job.
That's a part of my litmus test.
So who am I supporting?
It's a secret ballot, Suzie Q.

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