Friday, December 28, 2007

Jungle Bells

I have one question for the global-warming shriekers, none of whom want to help me shovel the driveway for some embarrassing reason: What if the world gets more of this white nonesense?
Would there be a problem with global freezing? Anyone interested in a lack of polar bears in the Miami Zoo because there are so many of them loose in the streets, naturally breeding in the Everglades National Glacier Park?
Global warming can be a problem. That's easy to see. But so's global cooling. We would have to imagine the damage wrought because we can't see it happening. We'll have to do a little geopolitical extrapolating to figure out if a dip of a few degrees will do something rank and ugly, and exactly what.
Where I live was covered by glacier tens of thousands of years ago. That fat ol' cube ended WAY south of here. Wonder what was alive just south of the melt zone? There may have been room for, oh, maybe twelve oak trees.
Do we counter our SUVs by leaving the fridge doors open?
And can we get enough consensus from non-political scientists to provide some guidance?
And can we PLEASE keep the politicians out of this?
And can we quit with the goggle-eyed panic over global warming as some kind of fashion statement?
Wits must prevail if we want to find a fix and get it done for our descendants.

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